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      He put his hands on her shoulders, she felt the warmth and heaviness of them, and was more frightened than ever because she liked it.

      "Here, you black-whiskered old roustabout, where 're you takin' them boys?" he demanded."It is a training place."

      "Oh, no," she breathed, and her voice and the half-seen glimmer of her eyes troubled him strangely.

      Chapter 11

      He met his partner standing before a group of the Alberts. Dodd's eyes noted the expression on his partner's face. The brain registered the information, interpreted it and predicted. Dodd knew he would hear, and did hear, sounds: "What's wrong with you this morning?"

      "Fetch him here."


      ... The first explorers on Fruyling's World named the new planet after the heroic captain of their ship, and prepared long reports on the planet for the scientists back home in the Confederation. The reports mentioned large metallic deposits, and this rapidly became important news.



      "Drat 'em! durn 'em!""Off!where?"